Fresh Catch: Gloucester’s Fish Guide

June 23, 2018 / Good to Know

Think you know your cod from your scrod? Check our handy insider’s guide to Gloucester’s fresh catch.

Bluefin Tuna – Has a meaty, almost buttery taste prized for sushi and grilled as steaks.

Bluefish – Game fish with rich, oily meat served grilled or baked with mayonnaise.

Calamari (Squid) – Sliced and served breaded and fried.

Clams – Served steamed (in the shell) with a side of butter, breaded and fried, or in chowder (always white, never red).

Cod – Flaky white fish with a mild flavor. Served in chowder, filleted and in fish & chips.

Dogfish – An abundant small shark, served fried.

Flounder – Bottom-dwelling flatfish with both eyes on top of its head. The sweet white meat is served whole or filleted.

Haddock – A mild white fish, often served baked and stuffed, in chowder, or fish & chips.

Halibut – Large flatfish related to flounder with mild white flesh, often served braised in butter.

Lobster – Local favorite served boiled, baked stuffed, in lobster rolls, cream bisque and so much more.

Monkfish – An odd upward looking flat fish with rich, lobster-like meat.

Mussels – Steamed or braised in a butter and herb mix, mussels are served in the shell.

Pollock – A mild white fish, rather like cod, and prepared in similar ways.

Red Fish (Ocean Perch) – Firm, mild, slightly pink tinged flesh served steamed or in soups.

Scallops – Rich morsels served baked, broiled in butter, rolled in bacon or bread crumbs.

Scrod – Young white fish, usually cod or haddock.

Striped Bass – Prized for its rich meat, served grilled or baked.

Swordfish – Large open water fish with a rich, meaty flavor, served as steaks and stir fries. The ‘sword’ is used to slash at prey.