In the News: One of the Best 5 New England Winter Ocean Weekends, Gloucester, MA

December 17, 2021 / Good to Know, Outdoor Adventures, Things to Do & See

Excerpt from Best 5 New England Winter Ocean Weekends | With permission from Yankee Magazine December 17, 2021 | Photo by Elinor Teele, Squam Creative Services  

Gloucester, Massachusetts made Yankee Magazine’s list of best winter ocean weekends destinations in New England. Bundle up in your winter gear and head on up to Gloucester and discover what attracts many visitors to our beautiful waters and beaches during the wintertime. Here is a quick snippet from the article.

New England’s most reliable snowplow clears beaches day and night, keeping the band of land at water’s edge walkable—and enjoyable if you’re dressed right. Wintertime waves are mesmerizing; the ocean’s restorative energy a constant. So why not heed salt water’s call when lodging rates—and seashells—are the best you’ll find all year? These beloved coastal communities have quieter alter egos worth getting to know…


When winter does its worst, even touring the Cape Pond Ice company can feel like an escape. But thanks to the coastal topography here, “you can always get out of the wind on a beach,” says local restaurateur Lenny Linquata. Of course, he would rather you dodge the weather by dining on fresh seafood, this historic port’s enduring claim to fame. Gloucester’s reputation as a winter bird-watching destination is soaring too. And if you’d like a front-row seat for winter’s best reality show, the owners of Blue Shutters Beachside Inn—with prime views of Good Harbor Beach—can add you to their list of guests who’ve asked to be alerted when storms swell the Atlantic. 

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