CAPE ANN PROFILES: CAPE ANN MAKERS Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco, Beth Williams

June 01, 2022 / Art and Music, Good to Know, Outdoor Adventures, Things to Do & See

Excerpt from CAPE ANN PROFILES: CAPE ANN MAKERS |  Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce article 2021-2022 | Rita A. Fucillo and Nicola Alexander

Every year, visitors come to Cape Ann to admire “its dramatic landscapes, its pristine beaches and, according to local artists, a quality of light to rival Venice.” Every spring and fall, and a special mini-tour in August, the Cape Ann Artisans open their studios for visitors to go on a self-guided tour and see local artisans working in their natural environment. Here are two Gloucester-based makers “that have carved a distinct way of life from the Cape’s granite shores.”

One of the most awesome, meaning “extremely impressive” or “inspiring great admiration,” aspects of Cape Ann is how much is made here. All slang aside, Cape Ann is exploding with talent and if you’re looking for fun (and a side order of education) seek out the makers, a few of whom are highlighted below, and redefine your definition of “awe.”

Cape Ann Designs’ Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco works with sea glass, designing jewelry and hair accessories. Jars of sea glass surround her workspace containing every color and hue. What happens when a jar runs empty? Where is sea glass found? Find out at this Gloucester studio. The connection between sea glass, the artist and the final design represents an intimate and unique relationship, culminating in a beautiful piece of wearable art. On Cape Ann “one can find new sources of materials and inspiration in every part of our environment – from dreamy summer days to dramatic winter storms, artistic nourishment is at our doorstep,” shares Ganim-DeFalco. Check out her array of brooches—this versatile pin is making a comeback on lapels, bags and as the perfect sweater clip.

Handmade glass jewelry by Beth Williams

It’s a great feeling when someone—friend or passerby—takes a second to say, “Wow, I love your earrings!” The studio of designer Beth Williams inspires that sense of “wow.” Williams has been handcrafting contemporary art-glass beads and jewelry on Cape Ann for more than 35 years, first in metals and then integrating handmade glass. “The foundation of the arts and cultural community and the support of my long-time clients and friends runs deep, the physical environment is breathtakingly inspirational…it seems that everything about living here pushes the creative boundaries.” Customized or ‘off the shelf,’ Williams captures your mood or vision with remarkable skill. Another example of the exceptional wearable art found on Cape Ann, Beth Williams’ dazzling studio is located in downtown Gloucester.

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