In the News: Weekend road trip: Cape Ann, Massachusetts

August 08, 2022 / Art and Music, Food and Drink, Good to Know, History/Maritime, In The News, Outdoor Adventures, Things to Do & See

Excerpt from Weekend road trip: Cape Ann, Massachusetts | Written by Robin Catalano | Published in the Albany Times Union

Whale watching, historic architecture and coastal relaxation at the Bay State’s ‘other cape’

Celebrities, politicians and other glitterati have long flocked to Cape Cod for a seaside summer escape. But a more relaxed coastal experience filled with similar landscapes, historic architecture, and activities awaits about 100 miles north, along the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Cape Ann — the “Other Cape,” as it’s sometimes known — is the place to go when you want to relax on beautiful beaches, enjoy cultural experiences and sample excellent seafood, without the wall-to-wall traffic that plagues Route 6 into Cape Cod.

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Photo by Robin Catalano: Visitors can explore Gloucester’s fishing roots at Maritime Gloucester, which has a kid-friendly pocket aquarium that temporarily houses sea creatures accidentally caught in fishing nets.